»The world is worth exploring.»

Exploring as a marine biologist & scientific diver

Robert Marc Lehmann is a graduate marine biologist, trained scientific diver and supervisor of scientific diving. A large part of his work is scientific diving and research on behalf of state offices, ministries, research institutions and universities. For this Robert dives with his dive team ‚Submaris’ in all waters of our planet with most diverse scientific goals: For the largest species census of the world (Census of marine life) in the Arctic Ocean, in dark fjords in search of deep sea creatures and unknown toxins. Also interdisciplinary diving in narrow cave systems in search of archaeological relics from long gone times, are part of his portfolio.

Scientific diving operations (overhead environment, mixed gases & rebreather)

Professional (underwater-)photography & video documentation (2D & 3D)

Expedition planning / realization / leading

(Underwater-)mapping & sampling

(Underwater-)prospecting & monitoring

Application, installation & maintenance of scientific instruments and test rigs

Search trips with side-scan sonar & towed video systems


„His tireless drive for action could even match the one of Alexander von Humboldt.“ (ZDF)

„The Robin Hood of the seas.“ (Lübecker news)

„A sensational animal researcher.“ (VOX)

Projects and Expeditions

Robert Marc Lehmann’s projects have led the marine biologists, scientific diver and (underwater) cameraman to more than 100 countries. Always with him: his camera. Scientific dive jobs, conservation projects, animal rescue operations and research expeditions around the world are leading to spectacular images. This map is showing some stops of his adventurous trips.



6 North America
23 South America
41 Europe
21 Asia
3 Australia
9 Africa
15 Antarctica
9 Zealandia