Robert Marc Lehmann Corporate Design Evolution

About the design

The design focuses on Robert’s strengths and multiple skills. Not only does he engage in research for our planet, but he also strives to capture and share his knowledge and valuable experiences with others. Always with the effort to motivate people sustainably and to make the world a better place.

His activities are well anchored in the three categories:


Fight for a better world and protect our planet with all power.

About the logo

The logo consists of his initials and is based on the three categories.

A fingerprint for the lasting impression he leaves with his images and movies: Record

A sound wave representative of his lectures and presentations: Report

And a wave symbolic of the proximity to water as a marine biologist and scientific diver: Research

The idiosyncratic form and the simplified characters give the logo an almost mythological character, somewhat like hieroglyphs. Signs that tell of a better world. Because this is what Robert Marc Lehmann is fighting for – the logo is telling his story.