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Robert Marc Lehmann
Marine biologist, Scientific diver & Adventurer

Projects and Expeditions

Robert Marc Lehmann’s projects have led the marine biologists, scientific diver and (underwater) cameraman to more than 100 countries. Always with him: his camera. Scientific dive jobs, conservation projects, animal rescue operations and research expeditions around the world are leading to spectacular images. This map is showing some stops of his adventurous trips.



6 North America
23 South America
41 Europe
21 Asia
3 Australia
9 Africa
15 Antarctica
9 Zealandia

Robert Marc Lehmann in the press

Exciting reports about diving with sharks, expeditions to indigenous people in the rainforest and inspiring articles on environmental issues and conservation: just as Robert Marc Lehmann plunges into the oceans, he reappears here and there in the press. He repeatedly appears on covers of magazines and newspapers, but also authored cover stories in which the adventure photographer reports about his expeditions, the experiences with nature, animals and equipment in extreme situations, in visually stunning articles. A selection of articles and magazine contributions by and about Robert Marc Lehmann are available for download here:

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    Captain Planet: Robert as a cave diver and conservationist.

    RedBull magazine English

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    Robert and the Sharks. Interview with Robert as a shark conservationist.

    Heinz magazin English

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    The Orangutan-hospital. Cover story from Robert on orangutans

    Chico conservation magazin German

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    Never fight just for yourself! Robert and the Special forces

    BeStrong Magazin German



GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel


  • Scientific diver & supervisor of scientific diving for various expeditions
  • Sea grass mapping of the Baltic Sea coastline of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Survey of Herring larvae in the North Sea & Eastern Atlantic
  • Zoo keeper for marine fish & invertebrates & coach for Harbour seals in the Scientific Aquarium
  • Technical manager of a scientific aquaculture installation for fish larvae, project ‘NEMO’
Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research


  • Scientific diver in the Koldewey-Research-Station in Svalbard, Arctic
  • Scientific diver in the project ‘CnidTox’, Scotland
  • Biological monitorings of western Baltic Sea
  • Biological algae-monitorings off Heligoland, North Sea
  • Biological mappings of algae and sediments off Heligoland, North Sea
University of Kiel – Institute of Prehistory and Early History / Institute for Geosciences / Institute of Zoology


  • Research on the functions of islands in the Holocene settlement landscape of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Underwater archaeological survey in the cave systems & Cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico as scientific diver & supervisor of scientific diving
  • Perennial recording & documentation of modern shipwrecks in the western Baltic Sea
  • Underwater archaeological survey & geological / hydrological sampling in the deep well of the Imperial castle at Nuremberg in cooperation with the university of Erlangen & the Water authority department of Nuremberg
  • Geological abrasion measurements in the western Baltic Sea
  • Recording & sampling of freshwater mussels in the rivers & lakes of northern Germany
Future Ocean Cluster of Excellence


  • Exhibition design & management of the exhibition ‘Future Ocean’ in various states of Germany
Hamburg Port Authority


  • Monitoring of macro algae in the marine dump area E3 / Heligoland as scientific diver & supervisor of scientific diving
  • Research on sedimentation-processes in the marine dump area E3 / Heligoland as scientific diver & supervisor of scientific
State Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein


  • Biological monitorings of low-depth sea grounds in the western Baltic Sea as scientific diver & supervisor of scientific diving
  • Biological algae monitorings off Heligoland as scientific diver & supervisor of scientific diving since 2010
  • Biological mappings of algae and sediments off Heligoland as drop-cam operator
  • Concept & realization of a nature film on the fragile beauty of the Baltic Sea (underwater & topside)
  • Concept & realization of a nature film on the fragile beauty of lakes in northern Germany (underwater & topside)


National Geographic magazine


Discovery Channel Film 'Sonic Sea'


The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH


  • Expert for animals in the movie ‘Finding Dorie
  • Interviews in print media, radio & TV for the movie premiere in Germany
Second German TV station


  • Interview partner & consultant for the TV-series ‘Animal friends’ (6 episodes)
  • Interview partner & consultant for a TV report about Oceanic sunfish in ZDF ‘Mittagsmagazin’
  • Camera operator (topside & underwater) & interview partner for the TV-show ‘The dive pro´s – mystery of submarine UC 71`
  • Camera operator (underwater) for Terra Xpress: ‘Treasures of the Baltic sea’
  • Camera operator (underwater), interview partner & consultant for Terra Xpress: ‘Grey seals’
  • Camera operator (underwater, drone & wildlife): 'Swedens paradises'
ZDF Terra X


  • Camera operator (underwater) for Terra X: ‘Adventure: South Pacific’, Micronesia
  • Camera operator (underwater) for Terra X: ‘Adventure: Caribbean’, Bahamas
  • Camera operator (underwater & drone) for Terra X: ‘Sunken treasures – Finland’
  • Camera operator (underwater) for Terra X: ‘Sunken treasures – Heligoland’
  • Camera operator (underwater) for Terra X: ‘Sunken treasures – Mauritius’
  • Camera operator (underwater & drone) for TerraX: 'Secrets on the bottom of the sea'
Red Bull Media House / Terra Mater / RedBulletin / Servus TV


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