»The world is worth showing.«

Document as a professional photographer, cameraman & filmmaker

In addition to pro bono missions for conservation projects, Robert Marc Lehmann is active worldwide for film and research projects with concrete aims. As a professional (underwater-)cameraman and photographer, Robert shoots for renowned national and international nature documentary formats and scientific institutions. Highly specialized equipment and extraordinary diving skills make the scientist one of the most popular in his industry. Robert’s photographs have won several international awards. National Geographic even named him Photographer of the Year 2015.

Documentary photography & film

Expedition photography & film

Underwater photography & film

Aerial photography & film (licenced UAS-pilot)

(Underwater-)film concepts / realization / editing

Film, photography & equipment courses

Film & photography expeditions


„He is the today’s, modern Jacques Yves-Cousteau.“ (Diving magazine)

„A fish on two legs.“ (ZDF)

„A courageous environmentalist and idealist.” (NDR)

Projects and Expeditions

Robert Marc Lehmann’s projects have led the marine biologists, scientific diver and (underwater) cameraman to more than 100 countries. Always with him: his camera. Scientific dive jobs, conservation projects, animal rescue operations and research expeditions around the world are leading to spectacular images. This map is showing some stops of his adventurous trips.



6 North America
23 South America
41 Europe
21 Asia
3 Australia
9 Africa
15 Antarctica
9 Zealandia